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The data portal consists of multiple collections:

  • CZO Datasets are aggregates of files of all types (text, csv, html, excel, zip, etc).

  • CZO Display files are raw text files in a CZO-specific format; many are components of CZO datasets.

  • "CZO Web Data Services" are web applications that provide data via standards-based API's (under construction).

  • OpenTopography LiDAR is a non-CZO resource exposing LiDAR data collected throughout the U.S.

Ten observatories span the U.S.:

Boulder (CO), Calhoun (SC), Catalina-Jemez (AZ/NM), Christina (DE/PA), Eel (CA), IML (IL/IA/MN), Luquillo (PR), Reynolds (ID), Shale Hills (PA), and Sierra (CA)

For further instructions, screencast video, and location map, see the About page.